“But step aside boys, because astonishingly talented as you all may be, when Katie Beetham's Lady of the Lake is on stage you might as well be in the parking lot having a smoke break because she devours co-stars with as much glee as she does the scenery.

Beetham and Leyshon have great fun mocking Andrew Lloyd Webber songs in The Song that goes like This and she and Murphy morph into hammy scenery chompers with the Vegas number Knights of the Round Table/The Song that goes like This reprise but she dwarfs even the stage and the trouserless Konrad Pluta's mischievous band when she does her solo lament What Ever Happened to my Part.” - Louis B Hobson Calgary Sun
“The Lady Of The Lake: I thought that Katie Beetham had one heck of a voice when she was here last in ’80s Solid Gold. I was apparently undersold back then. With her vocal acrobatics and visually fetching costumes in this presentation, I think this lady of the lake could convince even the most severe hydrophobe to want to have been born Aquaman …” - Dan St.Yves Calgary Herald

“Katie Beetham nails the Lady of the Lake, both vocally and in the character itself.”

                                                                                    - Jason Clevett GayCalgary

Whether she’s channelling Gloria Estefan or Cher, Katie Beetham is spot on ...When [Katie] and Nikki Ponte teamed up for the Heart duet Alone, they rocked the theatre.” -Louis B Hobson Calgary Sun